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Saturday, 24 September 2011

More updates! And personal stuff.

Another update. Did another personal piece today. I know it's probably in the "clichè" area, but again, just something I had to get out.

Then I've started on something for another challenge, Illustrated on CGHUB. Tarot cards. I thought I'd do a card I haven't done yet, since this pops up every now and then in challenges, and I go for something from the minor arcana. After I worked on it and manage to pin the start of my idea yesterday, I suddenly remember that I have indeed done the Queen of Wands before, it was actually the first tarot card I did, with Medusa as the queen. Guess the card is strong for me. ;)

Then a random non-important warm up, just to show I don't go straight for details... :P

And lastly, I started to do angels for the 2D drawing jam at CGHUB, the idea being that they had to be the best illusionists ever to get the standing they have today, but I think I'm just ending up with magicians with angel wings bought at the nearest supermarket....

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