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Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Paretji

I think I actually managed to hit something tonight, it's so nice when you feel like you're not just running the same old hamster wheel.

The ones that happens to know how my father looks like will of course at once recognize one of the refs, as he has a magnificent beard. Nobody but his grandkids is allowed to put anything in it though. ;)

I made this as one of the characters in my never ending stories in my head, The Paretji, a kind of governor priest. Yeah, I have a full alternative universe in my head, I wish I was an author. ;) 

Also, I was reminded this week by people that I hadn't put the images of the book that I got in the post after I made the cover art! So here's the images of the book, and no, I did not put marker in the book to point out my name, that red smiley face is all photoshop. ;)
Kind of sad that the photo is so bad, I'll have to get a better one later, I was so amazed when seeing the cover - it looks ten times better in print than it does on my monitor!

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