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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Flower Child - a response to emotional turmoil.

As I said on my facebook today: "Emotional overload. Last night I lost my grandmother, age 98, a force of life throughout my childhood. This morning I surprised my kid with a house full of balloons when she got up for her fourth birthday. There's been a few cups of coffee, to say it that way."

I guess I kind of "self medicate" my emotions with drawing, and last night and tonight I needed to draw a bit, to keep my brain from churning. 

I kind of wanted to write something about my grandmother now, but it's still a bit too early, so I'll just put the image I worked on here instead. I needed to work on something with no refs needed so I could just make the brush flow, I needed to make something with absolute symmetry just to feel that there were still rules in the world, and I needed to work on something that was connected to earth, dirt and growing. 

So here you are.  

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