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Friday, 3 May 2013

Family getting smaller

Been some busy weeks. To say it that way.

First, I lost my mother-in-law quite unexpectedly, even though she has been ill, it was a surprise that she would leave this world. The fact that she lived in US (as the rest of my husbands family) and we in Norway complicated matters, and we did not get to the memorial. She was a true free spirit, and she's made quite the impression on my kid even though they never met in real life. It was our hope that we would get to US or she and her husband to Norway pretty soon so they could meet, I am sure they'd hit it big time, and connect instantly.

Then my grandfather got ill, and after we had taken turns sitting next to his bed night and day for over eight days, he went quietly with several of us with him as he left last Saturday. He managed to get 99, he'd been 100 in September. My grandmother went in January before she managed to hit 99, so they didn't stay long apart.

So, to say it this way, I've not had time for the challenge.

I started on it again today though, because I like the picture ideas in my head, even though they're pretty far from what I have on "paper" at the moment. For some reason I thought the deadline was the 5th and not today. I won't manage before the deadline, but it doesn't matter, I think I'll finish it anyway.

Couple of earlier shots:

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