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Friday, 13 September 2013

Random old sketches

So, to offset the somewhat serious last post with all serious art and serious feelings and serious thinking about it all, here's some random old sketches where I've just been fooling around...

Here's one that I just realised the last days that I never posted online. It's just a VERY random doodle, but for some reason some people like it a lot. There's several versions of it, none of them finished in any way, but here's one. To my defense, I seem to remember there was rum involved. ;)

And here's another one. I was browsing through my old files and dragged out some that I found had some potential. This one I've clearly used some obscure reference for the girl, but it's a year ago since I worked on it, and I can't find the reference anywhere, no idea where I picked it up, so I just randomly started painting on it again.

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