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Friday, 25 November 2011

A small workshop for croquis and long poses

So, last Saturday I was at a workshop that had some technical input in the beginning, then some croquis drawing where we were told how to do them, and then we had two hours with a long pose. I promised I'd take some pics, I just forgot about it, sorry! :)

These are some from the first rounds of croquis, these are all one minute poses (60 secs), and drawn with right hand. These are all charcoal.

These are from when we were told to swap which hands we were drawing with, in my case to the left hand. Also one minute poses.

We also had some more with our drawing hand, my case right. One minute poses as well, as we did nothing but one minute ones for croquis on this workshop.

And here is one of the sketches on the long pose, I haven't taken photos of the end drawing yet, as I am not sure if I am at the moment working on it correctly. The work and sketches we did from the long pose should have enough information in them that I should manage to make a proper drawing from it all put together, and I *will* manage to finish it, sooner or later. :) This one is with pencil.

Since we're now several talking about putting money together to pay for long pose models, there is hope that I might be able to get my technique a bit better and approach a final image during the long pose itself, with the hours we had, I didn't really get to start on the final one, so I have to do it at home. But remember, it was the first time I had a model doing the same pose for more than three minutes! All the other life drawing I've been on has been croquis, which are 30 secs,. 1 min, 2 min and 3 min poses.

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