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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Good news and a lesson!

Alright, the good news first! I won the llama challenge! With a ton of votes! Thank you everyone! I didn't really think I'd win a challenge here in any near future so that was a surprise alright! :D

So, for today, I don't have much to show you, BUT I have learned a lesson today!

Okay, here goes. I had an image in my head for the current 2D jam challenge (Hellhounds) but then I started to think about some stuff I've been trying to learn recently, like focal points. So I made this image, asking what looked best when it came to focal points:

Now, my initial idea was the top one, but I manage to confuse myself in the focal points thing, and when I thought about them, I did the second one. Just from looking at them, the second one seems better, does it not?

Then somebody "harassed" (said in the nicest possible way) me into making thumbnails. It has to be said that thumbnails and me hasn't come along too nicely. I have a tendency to over work them, because I want them to show that I am at least partially able to draw, you know? And also, I tend to either make a mash out of them all or just commit way too much into one of them (usually the first one...), and go from there. I go too early into detail, and I know it. But there's this way of doing things that's hard to unlearn, you know?

And then I made this thumbnail. It has to be said, it's a HUGE thing for me, as earlier I've used as much as 30 minutes to get a thumbnail right, but this time I used about 30 secs on each.

And I got feedback right away on that the flow on the first one was much better than on the second one because of how the bodies were placed/positioned. Even though it looked like the focal points on the first one was better on the second.

If you have any opinions on this, I'd love it, even though they might contradict what I have already gotten on feedback! :)

And as a bonus thingy since the other images weren't that worked into, this is what is going to be a magazine cover in Finland, I might add some details to it yet. :)

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