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Friday, 7 September 2012

Tree of Life, Magazine cover and Llamas....

Yeah, a bit of this and a bit of that today...

First off, joined the CGHUB 2D Drawing Jam that's currently in poll, the Tree of Life. Not one to draw a lot of trees, it was a nice challenge. I was a bit of a loss on what to do for it first, and just went with the flow - starting with the colours first, thinking about how my mother in law (Bronwynn) loves the autumn colours on trees. Came out nice, doing well in the poll. :)

Next up is what is going to become a magazine cover. This was one of the ideas that was not used for the Finnish book that came out earlier this year, now it's going on a Finnish magazine instead. Needs some more work, and I'd be happy to get input on it.

And also, here is a llama. I like llamas. It's CGHUB Anatomicae that has one going on llamas right now. So far it's basically a photostudy (which is allowed), started to play with ideas on how to make it a bit more interesting, but I think that might have to wait for a later post.. ;)

Click on images to make them bigger, if you want to take a closer looks. :)

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