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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Catching up 2014: Some Inktober

Even though my blog has been a bit neglected lately, I have been doing some stuff now and then, here and there. I think perhaps it is about time for me to play catch up. Also, there is a chance I'll change the kinds of posts here a little bit, as I have been doing a lot of other crafts than drawing in various forms lately, and maybe it's time to show some of that here.

Trying to keep some order in the chaos by starting from where I posted last and make some posts every couple of days or so about what I've been up to, is the goal.

Kicking it off with a larger one. In October I did Inktober. I didn't run out of ink, but I did run out of time, it happens. I was lucky enough to make a few though. As would be expected, there is quite a bit of difference in the quality, but here they are nonetheless. Hopefully I'll make even more next time.

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