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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Calendar for breast cancer

Over at Not Your Fathers Pin Up they're making a calendar for charity, more specifically raising money for breast cancer awareness and research.

It's a nice opportunity to get some of your art out there - or just to get some good karma.

I'm gonna try to have something done before Nov 30th myself, and I've been thinking about brushing up these two as well as another one that I have going. This being a perfect time for me to get some drawing done as I just had my last day at my "day job" yesterday. The first one is an earlier ChOW entry that I thought I could fix all the things not done with before the deadline for submission a while back. This image has grown on me after I did it, and I'd like to see it in a more finished version anyway. The other one is a sketch I got so far based on my mother, and she's said it's OK for me to use it if I'd like.

Just crossing my fingers for these actually counting as "pin ups", hehe. And that I can make them fit the size needed. :)


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