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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Colour/animal study

So, to do what I've been doing mostly every day lately (but in other situations...), I decided to "do something I don't know how to do" when it came to drawing as well - drawing a white animal. Another study that was meant to be a fast warm up that lasted a bit longer, but again a pretty fast image for me.

This is Turak and Bast while they were puppy and kitten. Turak is dads dog, a Samojed that didn't know when he was supposed to stop grow, and is today a smashing 55 kilos. (That's waaaay more than a Samo should weigh, but he has the right proportions - he just happens to be a giant.) The cat is what used to be my cat, but after we switched houses I didn't dare take him with me because we were afraid he'd start trekking over the road between the houses. So since these two came to us with two days in between and basically grew up together (obviously, from the picture) he stayed where dad is living now.

Anyways, on to next drawing. :)

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