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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Spamming my technomage DW V

Heh, another update. These are coming faster than they should, but I'm trying to push as much drawing as possible now for this as I don't know how much time I'll have after this week to get it done. After getting some input on the design on the image posted in the last post, I decided to kind of merge them.

I'm kind of going blind on it now though, so I'll do another character while I let this one rest. I need input to help me make sure if I'm going in the right direction or not, this is a high hanging contest with tons of participants that'll kick my ass thoroughly. But you know, I still wanna do the best that I can.

For you wanting to participate, CGHUB Dominance War V forum is HERE, more info on this epic contest that is done for the fifth time can be be found HERE.

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