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Sunday, 28 November 2010

DW V - still at it - concepts

So after several really bad attempts of getting things to work, I'm  back to, if not square one, at least square two. Running out of time and having less time to work with this than originally thought - I have to go with this now I think. And make a proper image out of these. I was making a corrupted to go with the techno mage after ditching the shadow, did several changes on the mage, and then now I'm back at basically what I posted last time on the mage, and a war general. The only character that I was sure I wasn't gonna make, heh.

Oh well, crossing my fingers I'll finish this even if I'm gone half of next week.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Spamming my technomage DW V

Heh, another update. These are coming faster than they should, but I'm trying to push as much drawing as possible now for this as I don't know how much time I'll have after this week to get it done. After getting some input on the design on the image posted in the last post, I decided to kind of merge them.

I'm kind of going blind on it now though, so I'll do another character while I let this one rest. I need input to help me make sure if I'm going in the right direction or not, this is a high hanging contest with tons of participants that'll kick my ass thoroughly. But you know, I still wanna do the best that I can.

For you wanting to participate, CGHUB Dominance War V forum is HERE, more info on this epic contest that is done for the fifth time can be be found HERE.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

More DW V roughs

So, even if I have absolutely no idea what I want to do, I am at least getting closer to doing something I like the looks of. Technomage here.

Dominance War V

Gonna have a try on the first pre challenge in Dominance War V I think, and I'll be on CGHUB's team. If you wanna look at what's going on, their forum for DWV is HERE.

I was gonna do shadow and corrupted for this (have to chose two out of four classes), but somehow I've ended up doing technomages instead. A start, at least.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Ink and brush

Dragged out my India Ink yesterday, and decided to something traditional for once. I used to use my inkwell a lot with a brush, but it's been ages and ages. And I could feel that while working - and see it on the end result - but it's nice doing it again. :)

 Here's also the pencil sketch I used, I transferred the image over to inking paper.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Colour/animal study

So, to do what I've been doing mostly every day lately (but in other situations...), I decided to "do something I don't know how to do" when it came to drawing as well - drawing a white animal. Another study that was meant to be a fast warm up that lasted a bit longer, but again a pretty fast image for me.

This is Turak and Bast while they were puppy and kitten. Turak is dads dog, a Samojed that didn't know when he was supposed to stop grow, and is today a smashing 55 kilos. (That's waaaay more than a Samo should weigh, but he has the right proportions - he just happens to be a giant.) The cat is what used to be my cat, but after we switched houses I didn't dare take him with me because we were afraid he'd start trekking over the road between the houses. So since these two came to us with two days in between and basically grew up together (obviously, from the picture) he stayed where dad is living now.

Anyways, on to next drawing. :)

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fast colour study

Decided to make a colour study to warm up today, ended up working on it a bit longer than I intended, but it's a pretty fast image to be me. It's based on some photos of an old run down house we took this summer before it was torn down. Really liked because it was very clear that it had been enlarged several times over the years and you could see the different decades that had happened on how it was built. I prolly missed a ton of subtle things and went over with big paws on other stuff, but I think I need to that more so I can learn to focus on the right things. I tend to overdo things, especially details... Not today. :)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Calendar for breast cancer

Over at Not Your Fathers Pin Up they're making a calendar for charity, more specifically raising money for breast cancer awareness and research.

It's a nice opportunity to get some of your art out there - or just to get some good karma.

I'm gonna try to have something done before Nov 30th myself, and I've been thinking about brushing up these two as well as another one that I have going. This being a perfect time for me to get some drawing done as I just had my last day at my "day job" yesterday. The first one is an earlier ChOW entry that I thought I could fix all the things not done with before the deadline for submission a while back. This image has grown on me after I did it, and I'd like to see it in a more finished version anyway. The other one is a sketch I got so far based on my mother, and she's said it's OK for me to use it if I'd like.

Just crossing my fingers for these actually counting as "pin ups", hehe. And that I can make them fit the size needed. :)


First blog post

Alright, so I have a proper blogspot account now. I've been needing one.

I guess I might as well get my own blog going here so it's easier for people to follow me as well, this can be an interesting experiment, maybe I for once will manage to keep something updated that's not in a forum where you have to be a member to follow me? :)