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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Started on the SB Explore 2013 Challenge

It's been a busy few weeks, haven't had much time for drawing, and what I have done I can't really show at the moment. I unfortunately lost my mother-in-law suddenly and unexpected last weekend, and that has in fact inspired me very much to go forward on my art interest, an extra push if you want. Life's too short to not fill it with what you love.

BUT.. I also started on the Voodoo SB Explore 2013 Concept Art Workshop Challenge. (Got it's own forum in CGHUB.) So I can show what I have done there!

Started yesterday, then I worked some more on it today. Haven't decided yet if I should keep the background simple or throw up some recognizable New Orleans architecture yet. Also, I know it's prolly a dumb idea to not dive directly into colour since I have a hell of a time with colour usually, and putting them on a monochrome after sketching might be tricky for me.... but we'll see.

I liked the idea behind this character right away, and here is the sketch I posted to make my own thread in there yesterday, might as well show that here too: