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Monday, 19 March 2012

Final for this one

Righto, I've ran out of time to do anything more on it, so this is how it's going into the poll.

Chugging away!

Still chugging away on the CharacterForge challenge at CGHUB.

I know it's still a ways to go, but to whoever telling me I haven't improved the last three to five years, I  might come and slap with a salmon. I might not have as much time to do my hobby as the serious guys out there working for their career, but I do have progress, I hope. At least I am telling myself that I do, and if looking at old drawings is any pointer, I have. ;)

Friday, 16 March 2012

Going out of my comfort zone....

Hm, steampunk is in no way my strong side, so I think I might give this characterforge a try. The uniform is supposed to be a mix of WW1 uniforms and the female fashion at the time, in a steampunk-ish way.

First draft... after standing on our firewood thingy, holding a billiard queue holster for reference... Haha!

 Still early days, didn't have time to do any more until today... Trying to keep in mind the whole dress up thing with the fashion and all. Gonna start to block out some more gear and stuffnstuff on here now, I think.

And at some point I need to get the light right. O.o Geez, didn't realise it was so far off before now!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

A new beginning

So, I really wanted to do a self portrait that didn't look anything else I have done with self portraits.

This is the start of it. :) And it is what happens when you have a couple of beers, some snacks, some good news, watching a series of the history of metal music... and have a good thinking about where your future will take you. :)

Anyway, this is just for fun, and it's been fun tonight. :) (In other words, I'm just playing around.. hehe..)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Alright, then it's done! They decided to put this on the front instead of on the back. This is the final version of the book cover I am doing for the Finnish writers, if any changes, it will be that it will be just slightly lighter, depending on what the guys printing it says. :)

Here's some links to the guys I did this for:
Their website
Their blog
Their facebook page
All sites are in Finnish though. :)

The book will be named "Huomenna ne tulevat", which roughly translates to "Here They Come". 

So here we go... Click on the images to get a bigger version. :) 

Here's the whole cover:

And here's a crop of the bottom part:

Has been a fun journey! :)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Rocking warm up

Because of the waves, of course... right, right?


Had a warm up that went a bit too far, so I'll post them, just for fun, so you guys see that I don't only work on huge finished pictures, but I'm also concepting for fun every now and then. :) Even though they're not stellar pieces in any way. :)