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Friday 4 April 2014

Russ - a spring phenomenon in Norway

So this year I got to decorate a "russe-van" and some "russe-sweaters" for these wonderful youngsters celebrating their 12 or 13 years of (free) school is over and done with. They're old enough to drink, vote and drive by the time they become russ, and therefore, of course, it is all celebrated by a huge party starting late in April, ending at 17th of May (our National Day). Usually there is either an old beaten up car or van or a huge up to date bus driving them to their parties and celebrations.

I won't get too much into the insanity of russ here, I think I've told people enough about them earlier, but the gang I helped out this year wanted "team sweaters" that they started to wear during their "russekro" which is basically last year students only private pub parties starting months before the actual celebration and a van decorated for them.

I haven't actually seen neither the van nor the sweaters myself, but they are very pleased, so I am pleased. :) And I hope to see it soon. Here's some pictures they've sent me though, I thought I'd put them here for fun. It is, after all, something I have created.

They were very specific about what they wanted, how they wanted it, and after making sure I knew exactly what they had in their brain, they let me just do my job. Perfect clients! They had a clear picture in their head, and had even made their OWN early sketches! :D

Anyways, a bunch of girls from farms, this is what they wanted:

(the black field is just to hide her last name, their sweaters were with their full names. :) )

Here's a closer look to what they wanted. :)

This is why I was asking about vector months ago. I still haven't learned it, so I better get around to, in case I get asked again. That was some big .psd files for the car print firm. :D