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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hitting the "will I ruin it by going on?" moment....

Here's the image in question where I earlier posted "The question is... I am coming to the point where my brain is loosing it's grip on the image (which I have been at for days), and I am starting to get worried about ruining it by keep going... but, but, BUT I can see some glaring mistakes... Should I go on? I need a cup of something to think about that...."

I feel like I have learned tons of this image so far, when it comes to light and colour. I managed to get some rather nice photos while the winter sun (that barely peeks up during winter here) was making the world pretty last week. So yes, I am my own model again, hehe.

I think I will indeed have a cup of rum and coffee now, paint something else, and look at it again tomorrow and fix the most glaring ones that hits me then, then leave it. :)