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Sunday 24 February 2013

Saturday Night Chimera

So, I had a couple of glasses of red wine, and decided that pencil wasn't a good medium, since it doesn't have an "undo" button.

So I made a chimera. I know it looks two-dimensional. Red wine, right? Eeeezza sketch.


And to put at least a little substance to the post, let's make this all about how I got inspiration... We made snowlights tonight. Just to show how something totally unrelated can inspire something - here's a couple of photos I took of some of the snowlights, and then I did colour samples (a couple of glasses or red wine, remember?)... I wasn't quite sure I'd manage to do the glow, it was something I'd never done before. Was fun though! :) 

Wednesday 20 February 2013

More pencil drawings, having fun!

I am absolutely thrilled about using a pencil again, I haven't even used my tablet since I dragged out the pencils. I thought it might be a drag in the beginning, but I am having SO much fun.

So, here's a couple more. :)

Monday 18 February 2013

Pencil drawings: Chimpanzee and kid

Well, it's been years and years since I did this properly, but I wanted to have a go with pencils. Felt right to do something I could hold in my hand while working on it.

Anyways, first, here's a chimpanzee!

And I also had a go at trying to draw my kid, it's not really finished, but I might have a brand new go instead of trying to finish this one. It was fun, and it looks like her, so it was a successful first attempt. ;)

I can easily tell that my pencil skills are somewhat rusty though, so I'll need a little time doing this to get things back to working properly again... :)