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Wednesday 25 June 2014

Drunk brides. And bunnehs!

Been away for a few days, and what's the first thing I do when I come back home? I make another one of these thingies. I guess they're kind of relaxing, and there's barely any space for learning in my head these days. :)

And for some reason I seem to attract a bit of hits here with these, so... Not sure what that is all about. 

Anyways, first a small note about the weekend...

Also, here's one that I made before I left, but didn't have time to get out here. Sorry about the quality of the text and stuff... I was actually fighting quite a cold.

Monday 16 June 2014

Birthdays. And a vacant brain.

Yes. This did also happen. And it's a new silly quick comic.

... I guess, for context, I should add that my husband comes from US, I am Norwegian, and we live in Norway. Which makes his family live far away, so we're not exactly having a daily life outside the internet with them. Thank goodness we have that though! :)

Monday 9 June 2014