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Wednesday 26 August 2015

Monsters by Sorknes

So, remember that octopus I knitted and posted? After that I did some more. They were a hit with the kids that visited. So I made some monsters. And then some more tiny octopi. And then it kind of rolled from there. I was at a market last weekend (more on that in another post, probably tomorrow) and suddenly these little guys were getting some interest. They were bought for kids, by kids and by people wanting to use them as needle cushions.

So, time to introduce some of them... I never got around to take a picture before the last market, but these are the ones that's left, and I am working on getting more made. :)

Gonna do more markets coming, as I am suddenly helping out hosting Lørdagsmarkedet (Saturday markets) here in Larvik, so there'll probably be more about that later as well. :)

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